General Management

John M. Gombos

John Gombos

John M. Gombos

Most recently, John served as the President and CEO of Al Dahra ACX Global, formerly ACX Pacific Northwest, Inc. Under John’s leadership, ACX grew to become the largest exporter of forage and roughage in the United States having grown from 30M to over 200M over a 3 year span. In addition, John oversaw the development and management of Al Dahra Farms USA which is the largest subsurface drip irrigated alfalfa farm in the world. These entities are now wholly owned by Al Dahra Agriculture Company based in the the United Arab Emirates. John holds an MBA from UOP and BS from USC.

Michael N. Gombos, Jr.

Michael N. Gombos Jr.

Mike Gombos

Most recently, Mike served as the Chief Marketing Officer of Al Dahra ACX Global. Mike and led ACX to become the largest supplier of alfalfa hay to China’s dairy markets. Mike was instrumental in developing processes for the China market to ensure complete traceability of product from farm to farm and eliminate inadvertent trace detections of GMO in alfalfa hay going to the China market. Mike also led the management of the Taggares Farm joint venture from 1988-1999 and grew production from 1,800 acres to 12,000 acres (75,000 tons per year) and helped ACX become the largest supplier of hay to the Far East markets of Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. Mike holds a BS from University of the Pacific.

Farm Management

The Pacific Leasing LLC farm management team includes farm managers with extensive backgrounds in farming who are highly  skilled in all all phases of farm management including due diligence, water rights, financial modeling, planning, and implementation (leveling, seeding, irrigating, harvesting, etc.) and marketing harvested production for overseas or domestic distribution.

Financial Management

The Pacific Leasing LLC financial management team utilizes cloud-based, scalable ERP technology capable of GAAP accounting in any business environment.

Marketing Management

The Pacific Leasing LLC marketing team is highly  skilled in all phases of marketing management for CPG and agricultural goods including production; branding; lead development; product placement; channel development; pricing; and promotional activities inclusive of web based marketing, social media, and print media.