Agricultural Investment

Pacific Leasing LLC seeks investment opportunities on behalf of financial institutions, fund managers, and investment companies (foreign and domestic) for large-scale projects predominantly located on the west coast of the United States. Pacific Leasing LLC is capable of being the

Agricultural Management

Pacific Leasing LLC offers premier, long-term development/management services pertaining to all agricultural opportunities. This may include anything from developing state-of-the-art farms to maximize yields and output, to managing crops, ideally, that compliment any and all Pacific Leasing LLC strategic entities.

Agricultural Leasing

Pacific Leasing LLC owns and leases equipment and labor as necessary for the purpose of fulfilling requirements of other services that are provided. This supplemental service may or may not apply to any given project. Equipment might include machinery such

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Our Team

General Management John M. Gombos Most recently, John served as the President and CEO of Al Dahra ACX Global, formerly ACX Pacific Northwest, Inc. Under John’s leadership, ACX grew to become the largest exporter of forage and roughage in the...

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A Positive and Meaningful Experience

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with John and Michael Gombos for many years, dating back to 2002. Over the course of that time, I’ve been continually impressed by how thoughtful, diligent and focused both are in terms of running their business. In particular, both gentlemen believe in building, nurturing and retaining strong relationships with their customers and suppliers alike. They are keen on effective and open communication, and know that any successful relationship is one which is mutually beneficial. Both men are problem solvers and neither is averse to rolling up his sleeves to get the job done. In short, John and Mike are the kind of people who make doing business together a positive and meaningful experience. I hold them both in the highest esteem.

Bradley A. Aris SVP/Regional Vice President, Global Banking, Wells Fargo International Group